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Unlike wood gazebos, Tiffany Premiere Vinyl Gazebos are unique in the industry. The drudgery and expense of repair, wood replacement, scraping, sanding, caulking, and painting are all things of the past. Tiffany Premiere Vinyl Gazebos are engineered to withstand the extremes of wind, sun, and snow without adverse effects. An occasional rinse with the garden hose will keep them looking good, year after year.

Tiffany Premiere Gazebos are designed with components that easily connect together, eliminating the need for unsightly bolts and fasteners.

Tiffany Premiere Gazebos kit comes with fully illustrated instructions and pre-cut ready to assemble. All you need to install your Tiffany Premiere Gazebo are simple hand tools. Even the occasional handyman will get professional results. Structural elements are lightweight and easy to handle, allowing just two people to erect our largest units. Most of our gazebos can be installed in under a day, making them an ideal weekend project.

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Tiffany Premier

This Tiffany Premier Gazebo Kit Comes With Everything You Need To Get Started!

Upgrade this unit by adding turned balusters, cupola, post and base trim and lighting channels and receive the benefits of one of our higher priced units.

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Each Tiffany Gazebo is; this gazebo combines classic looks and new technologies that today’s busy lifestyles demand.

With a triple roof and Victorian accents handcrafted using interlocking components for superior strength. This means that your gazebo will never suffer the ravages of time and the elements