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Enhance the elegance of your landscape with a beautiful, affordable vinyl pergola or gazebo! Haven Yards Pergolas & Gazebos sells both standard pergola kits and gazebo kits, as well as offering custom built structures to meet your particular needs. We can install the kit for you in only a few hours. While you could install your new outdoor shelter yourself (and we have resources available for you if you do), you can have a team to install it for you who can get the job done in one afternoon and who can ensure the installation will go without a hitch or any sweating on your part. We are happy to help install your new outdoor structure for you. Simply let us know in advance and we can get the job done in only a few hours or less! If you are in or around Cedar Hills and decide to purchase a vinyl gazebo or pergola from us, let us install it for you!

Enhance the elegance of your landscape.

Vinyl Building Products We Install in Cedar Hills

Tiffany Gazebos

The Tiffany is our entry level gazebo that we offer in four different styles — the Tiffany, the Tiffany Classic, the Pavillion, and the Tiffany Premier. Our Tiffany gazebo kits are a cute, charming, warm, doll-house style that is easy to install and extremely affordable.

Cardiff Pergolas

Create a charming, functional outdoor living space with a Cardiff pergola. Perfect for encasing a patio or your hot tub, the Cardiff pergola is an easy way to instantly transform your backyard into a more relaxing, protected haven. Made of premium weather-resistant vinyl, the Cardiff pergola is maintenance-free and built to last.

Palomar Pergola 9

Palomar Pergola

Palomar vinyl patio covers/pergolas are one of our higher priced units, but with the unique style and large size, it is an excellent pergola kit for upgrading your patio.  

We Install Your Gazebo or Pergola for You!

  • Thoroughly trained and certified to support and service all kits we sell
  • Our installers handle all planning, preparation, and demolition of your existing structure and haul away any necessary debris
  • Our professional installers know how to properly install your new pergola or gazebo to meet or exceed warranty and other requirements

Custom Vinyl Pergolas

Haven Yard Structures’ focus on vinyl has allowed us to pioneer vinyl pergolas, vinyl arbors, vinyl patio covers, and vinyl pergolas. We have a strong background in construction, so you can rest-assure that all our vinyl products are tried and tested for real-world conditions and can meet or exceed stringent requirements. Over the years, we have installed thousands of vinyl structures and shipped vinyl gazebos and pergola kits to customers all around the world — both commercial and residential clients. 

If you have custom requirements for your pergola, we can create something of precisely the size and shape you need. Get started today!

DIY Pergola & Gazebo Installation

How hard is it to install a gazebo or pergola kit? Should you do it yourself?

The integrity of your vinyl pergola or gazebo is only as good as it was installed. Some installations are quite straightforward, while others can be a bit trickier. Depending on your experience, your access to tools, and the complexity of the installation project, you may want to do it yourself or have our professional installers do the job for you. At the very least, ​having a professional install your gazebo or pergola ensures that it has been installed correctly so that it will perform properly for the long-term. 

If you want to do it yourself, visit our resources page, where you can find installation instructions for our products!

The Value of Pergolas & Gazebos

Pergolas are freestanding structures that have open roofs, held up by columns or posts. Typical applications include covering walkways and patios and provide shade and style for your outdoor living spaces. The open roof of pergolas actually helps keep your space cooler than if it was fully covered in most cases. When you are looking for a functional, elegant backyard structure to make your outdoor living space feel more inviting and unique, a pergola is a great addition to your area.

While gazebos are sometimes confused with pergolas, they are easy to differentiate, as gazebos are freestanding structures with a pitched roof and openings on all sides. With a gazebo, you get extra shade without having your view obstructed.

Expert Vinyl Gazebo Installers in the Cedar Hills Area

As Utah’s most-trusted gazebo and pergola company, Haven Yards sells and installs hundreds of structures every year. You can count on Haven Yards contractors to provide service that is both professional and highly experienced. 

We always take the time to listen to our clients’ questions and needs, and we take pride in the work we do. We have clients all around the world and your location does not hinder our ability to provide you beautiful vinyl pergolas or gazebos. 

Since 1999, our family-owned outdoor structure business has been all about providing premium value to our customers. If you want peace of mind knowing that you have chosen true professionalism and long-term excellence with your pergola or gazebo, contact Haven Yards for your new gazebo or pergola today!